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Cuba Si

I'm happy the conversation about Cuba has come to the forefront.  It's about time we recognize that the people of Cuba deserve to live in a free society.  Lifting the embargo will propagate commerce and open lines of communication.  We are the closest, most influential neighbors Cubans have and a friendly relationship with them will make a positive difference in the quality of our lives; the American and Cuban.

Most of you know I'm in the process of developing my Costa Rica properties.  I thought Costa Rica was going to be the closest I could ever get to living in a paradise like Cuba.  Imagine my elation when I heard President Obama announce his stance on opening a dialogue with the Castro brothers.

My cousins, the Ticos (Costa Rican nationals), currently offer me the cultural stimulus I long for; the Spanish language, the tropical landscapes and the warm, friendly people.  However, knowing that I may soon travel to or even live freely in my homeland once again has ignit…