Emerging into The Spirit of Love… A Costa Rica Retreat

Nestled in the Costa Rica North Puntarenas province sits the city of Miramar, the capital of the Montes de Oro canton. Picture yourself arriving at an adventure resort in the middle of one of the 5 “Blue Zones” of the world. Blue Zones are regions of the world where people live longer, happier lives. Here, people living to be over 100 have active lifestyles and report high life satisfaction and happiness levels.
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We will start off in this magical place where we will begin to leave behind the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. On our very first day, you will begin to feel a connection with your Soul Sisters as we circle together to drop in and connect with our heart center, Source, and one another…the journey has begun!
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Can you imagine by day 2, conquering your fears and sailing through the jungle on one of the world’s longest zip lines?! Breathtaking waterfalls beneath and heart-pounding ride through the trees will begin to transform your senses creating a visceral effect …a knowing of why you came.
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Is this beginning to sound amazing? Oh, we have so much in store. Your spiritual awakening begins in Costa Rica February 2019. Stay tuned for more details…
Written by: Sarah Davis


Early Bird Special    $3333.00

To reserve your spot, a $500 deposit is due by September 30th, 2018.

Deposits are not refundable after October 15th, 2018.  All attendees will be sharing rooms unless requests for "single" accommodations are made before September 30th, 2018.  Extra fees will be associated with such changes.  


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