The "Love" Factor

Emergence into the Spirit of Love is the perfect theme for our upcoming Costa Rica Retreat.  The dates for our trip fall in February, Valentine's Day is one of the last days of our journey. 

Connecting with others is one of the most critical areas to concentrate on while developing into your best self. And what better way to connect to your absolute best besides immersing yourself into the Spirit of Love. Typically, we are so busy focusing on something or someone else that we forget to love ourselves.  If you can't appreciate how to practice self-care, how can you become a better partner, mother, sister, or friend? 

Love is what connects you to the world and your relationships. Learning how to love yourself will be the prominent theme for our next Costa Rican Retreat. We promise you will emerge as a new person from this heartfelt adventure, and upon your return, daily living will seem like another day in paradise. 
"Emergence into the Spirit of Love" will enhance your life. 

Most of us are so focused on work and accomplishing goals that we fail to appropriate time to develop a loving relationship with ourselves. The tools you will gain from experiencing this retreat will open your heart and soul.  You will discover the path that leads you to your true self.   

One way to love yourself more is to learn to love others unconditionally. Just for a moment, drop all your concerns about the petty quarrels you have had with your loved ones. Go ahead, do that right now.  Close your eyes and think about a loved one.  Concentrate on the love you feel for them. Imprint that vision into your mind.  The next time you have a disagreement, short circuit the debate by visualizing this image and tell them you love them.  See if that diffuses the tension.  This, and so much more, is an example of the lessons you will be learning on your "Emergence into the Spirit of Love" adventure tour.   

Our society has ingrained in us, so profoundly, the desire for professional success that we tend to ignore the need for self-love. We might sacrifice ourselves and our families just to "get ahead."  Sometimes, we place other people's agendas ahead of our own. What are we trying to "get ahead" of anyway? Why are we stepping over anyone or anything that gets in the way of our success without considering the consequences of our actions?
Do you think that Love is not as crucial to life as status?  Is it some kind of willy-nilly emotion meant only for hippies and woo-woo people? Do you think it makes you soft and vulnerable? If so, is that so bad? Do you feel that love cannot shield and protect you from harm? 

On the contrary, I believe that Love is your best protector! It invites meaning and purpose into your life. Your mission statement for success must come from Love if you are to thrive rather than just survive in this life.  If you recognize this truth, you are already a success. 


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