Realizing Your Absolute Best through Emergence of the Spirit of Love

"I AM"

Realizing Your Absolute Best 

Written by: Clarita Bassett

I have been using the process of I AM to bring meaning, success, abundance, peace, and love into my life for many years now. I wrote a book entitled "I AM" because it is a perfect acronym for my success formula of imagination, action, and motivation. It conveys a process that resonates with many. Knowing who, what, and where I AM is a spiritual journey. I believe that Spirituality leads me to success.

Today the internet is saturated with every Tom, Dick, and Harry who wants to be the next spiritual guru. They sell their processes and programs for hundreds of thousands of dollars to unsuspecting souls. They shout, "Follow my 5-step program and become a real estate mogul." or, "Develop your psychic abilities and, with five easy payments of $300, you too will see a brighter future."

I know some “self-improvement” leaders publicly share fantastic information for free. These people are true pioneers in the self-help industry, and most have freely given their success formulas so that you can develop peace of mind, health for the body and inspiration for the soul.

We all want to get to the "next level" of success. Most of us know that following in the footsteps of others who have triumphed over hardships illumes our path. Genuine teachers are gracefully quiet and interested only in the process of guidance. They understand the gravity of their role and gladly share their knowledge of "how to" become successful. They have come to discover their true nature via the process of delivering their message.

My wish for you is that, while sharing your experiences during our Retreat, you open your heart and mind and learn to listen to your body. That is the core basis of my message and the reason why I choose to share, “I AM” with you.

“I” stands for Imagination
“A” stands for Action
"M" stands for Motivation

The written Word refers to "I AM" as a name for God. Source Energy is always available to us if we are open to receive it. The Lantern of Love shines eternally, however, only those who seek it will find it. You must become still, very quiet in mind and body, and then you will discover that the soul, your Light, is beckoning you home again. 
During our Retreat, you will learn how to create a more prosperous and fulfilling life.  On this journey we will ask you to move into the Light of Spirit, open your heart to Love and sharpen your mind to understanding that taking care of your body, mind, and spirit is the key to becoming your Absolute Best! 

The Process

Developing Positive Energy- Everything is energy, and since you are part of everything, you are energy. Energy is constantly moving. It vibrates at different frequencies, from low to high. The process of "I AM," imagination, action, and motivation, will elevate your energy to the highest levels leaving you with an optimistic and positive outlook on life. 

Directing Your Intentions-Setting Goals- It is essential to have a predetermined purpose for your life's energy. Are you happy where you are? If so, great, if not, where would you prefer to be, exactly? Your goals "pin" your desired destination from where you currently stand, and your internal GPS provides different routes to take towards your dreams. Follow your heart’s desire through your chosen path. 

Discipline- Skill requires consistency of activity. You must act daily on your goals. Every professional athlete practices their sport for hours each day. They perfect their movements, thought processes, and execute actions that will help them reach their "personal best." No matter what you do, you must be like the athlete.  Day in and day out, hour after hour, minute after minute, second after second, strive to be your Absolute Best.
Realizing your Dreams- Acknowledge your successes along the way. You are your own worst critic. Be in the moment of your life and prosper. Be steady in knowing that you are in the process of becoming your Absolute Best. Even though fear and doubt will creep in and congest the route you have chosen, by following the Light - you will never be lost. You may have to switch lanes, take a detour, or an alternate route, however, the destination will remain the same.

Meditation- Discipline is taken to the next level. When it is all said and done, you need to fold back into yourself.  All the deeds and thoughts that you have ever experienced reside inside of you. The realm of Spirit lies deep within and can be accessed by quieting the mind and stilling the body. In the deep recesses of your mind, there is a realm, a unification of the conscious self; the ego, the physical body, and the spiritual soul. This union leads you towards Source Energy, back home again.
My book, "I AM" will be the core context for Emerging into the Spirit of Love on our Absolute Best Costa Rican Retreat.  If reading this makes you want to go, then you need to be there!  Space is limited so contact us today.  Click here and send us your email address and phone number so we can give you all the details of the trip.  

Join us for "Emergence into the Spirit  of Love Retreat."  We will share our hearts with each other in Spirit Circles, meditate and do Kundalini Yoga, open our minds to intuition and stream of consciousness writing, eat healthily and, explore the Costa Rican paradise on daily adventure tours.  Does this sound fun and exciting?  If so, call today, (310) 408-3349 or email us at


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