You are the Most Important Person Here

"Emergence into the Spirit of Love" Adventure Tour and Yoga Retreat click the link above to register for more info Think about the hole that would exist in this world if you weren’t here. Who would care for the people you love in just the way that you do? If you did not exist, who would leave your unique imprint and contribution in the world?  Who would create life in the way that only you can, with your distinct DNA, personality, and spirit? 
You belong in the here and now, in this present time and you are needed in the world.  Learn to love yourself fully and bring your best self to it.  It will become a better place as you develop into your Absolute Best. Accept your true worth rather than cheat yourself and others of your God-given gifts. Accept your flaws and your defects and learn to use them in your favor. Think of how you can turn the negative into a positive and allow the world around you receive the benefit of your existence. 
Perhaps you notice others in your family or …

More About The Spirit of Love

Love gives us a sense of belonging.  Today, technology forces us to text instead of talk, email instead of write, and use social media to show off the best parts of our lives.  It's now normal to "phone it in."  It seems that our current social climate is forcing us into virtual relationships rather than real ones.

Would you agree that technology is separating and isolating us rather than unifying and connecting us?  If so, you probably realize that truly connecting with another human being requires you to use your senses, touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste.  It's an entirely different experience to get a real hug and a kiss from someone than to receive an emoji of a heart and some puckered up lips.    

Our goal during our Emergence of the Spirit of Love Adventure and Yoga Retreatis to allow you to experience this journey by engaging all your senses.  We have prepared a blend of heart-pounding eco-tours with meditation and yoga to enliven your soul.  Your adventur…

The "Love" Factor

Emergence into the Spirit of Love is the perfect theme for our upcoming Costa Rica Retreat.  The dates for our trip fall in February, Valentine's Day is one of the last days of our journey. 

Connecting with others is one of the most critical areas to concentrate on while developing into your best self. And what better way to connect to your absolute best besides immersing yourself into the Spirit of Love. Typically, we are so busy focusing on something or someone else that we forget to love ourselves.  If you can't appreciate how to practice self-care, how can you become a better partner, mother, sister, or friend? 

Love is what connects you to the world and your relationships. Learning how to love yourself will be the prominent theme for our next Costa Rican Retreat. We promise you will emerge as a new person from this heartfelt adventure, and upon your return, daily living will seem like another day in paradise. 
Most of us are so focused on work and accomplishing goals that w…

Realizing Your Absolute Best through Emergence of the Spirit of Love

"Emergence of the Spirit of Love" Click above to register for more info

Introduction to what you'll learn  February 5th through 15th Costa Rican Retreat
"I AM"
Realizing Your Absolute Best 
Written by: Clarita Bassett
I have been using the process of I AM to bring meaning, success, abundance, peace, and love into my life for many years now. I wrote a book entitled "I AM" because it is a perfect acronym for my success formula of imagination, action, and motivation. It conveys a process that resonates with many. Knowing who, what, and where I AM is a spiritual journey. I believe that Spirituality leads me to success.

Today the internet is saturated with every Tom, Dick, and Harry who wants to be the next spiritual guru. They sell their processes and programs for hundreds of thousands of dollars to unsuspecting souls. They shout, "Follow my 5-step program and become a real estate mogul." or, "Develop your psychic abilities and, with five easy paym…

Emerging into The Spirit of Love… A Costa Rica Retreat

Nestled in the Costa Rica North Puntarenas province sits the city of Miramar, the capital of the Montes de Oro canton. Picture yourself arriving at an adventure resort in the middle of one of the 5 “Blue Zones” of the world. Blue Zones are regions of the world where people live longer, happier lives. Here, people living to be over 100 have active lifestyles and report high life satisfaction and happiness levels. We will start off in this magical place where we will begin to leave behind the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. On our very first day, you will begin to feel a connection with your Soul Sisters as we circle together to drop in and connect with our heart center, Source, and one another…the journey has begun!
Can you imagine by day 2, conquering your fears and sailing through the jungle on one of the world’s longest zip lines?! Breathtaking waterfalls beneath and heart-pounding ride through the trees will begin to transform your senses creating a visceral effect …a kno…

Emergence into the Spirit of Love


Are You Ready to Unleash Your 6th Sense?

PREVIEW Workshop Psychic Boot Camp in San Pedro! Sunday June 25th, 11:00 AM at Absolute Best Studios Click here for details about our trip.
Have you ever wondered about your intuitive abilities only to dismiss them thinking you could NOT possibly have those powers? Others might have a 6th sense, but not you! What if this is your time? What if, by going to a very sacred place, like Costa Rica, richly charged with psychic energy, you could learn to tap into that power?  Would you go?  ********************************************************************************* What Would Your Life Look Life If You Did Possess This Power?
Come share your experiences, curiosity and learn the basics of how to develop your intuition.  Sunday, June 25th, at 11:00 to 12:30 PM at our studio.   Absolute Best will be hosting a Sneak Preview of our "Psychic Boot Camp" Costa Rican Retreat. 
This insider's look into our course will teach you to:  “Awaken the Power of your Inner Psychic!"  
Our Boo…